Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you hate picking up stitches like I do? Check this out!

Picking up stitches after hours of knitting on a project, is one chore that I really detest. I have checked out all the traditional methods, but never liked the ridge line left from the edge stitches of armholes or neckline openings.

To remedy this, I have come up with an idea. I call it "Picking Up Stitches on the Fly." It is a system of shaping armhole and necklines that leaves all your stitches live on circles needles, (I use Knitpicks),ready for that great looking edging that you've planned for your project. It also lets you shape without decreases, eliminating interruptions in the pattern that you've so neatly knitted.

It's just an idea, a beginning stab at handling this problem. I am sure some of you will come up with improvements once you tried it.

Have fun!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Knitting Backwards

I was first introduced to the concept of knitting backwards while knitting an Entrelac sweater pattern. Even though the pattern had instructions, they read like a foreign language, so I simply brushed the concept aside. However, while practicing my Continental knitting one day, it came to me that I might try the same concept in reverse-and wouldn't you know it, it worked like a dream.

I have been encouraged by a friend to share my new method with fellow knitters- so here it is.

Knitting Backwards Tutorial