Thursday, March 12, 2009

Knitting Backwards

I was first introduced to the concept of knitting backwards while knitting an Entrelac sweater pattern. Even though the pattern had instructions, they read like a foreign language, so I simply brushed the concept aside. However, while practicing my Continental knitting one day, it came to me that I might try the same concept in reverse-and wouldn't you know it, it worked like a dream.

I have been encouraged by a friend to share my new method with fellow knitters- so here it is.

Knitting Backwards Tutorial


  1. Very clear and understandable instructions and it is good to try something new. I am glad you though of sharing your method with your fellow knitters. Looking forward to more of your new knitting methods. A. Smith

  2. Thank you , A Smith. Glad you like it. Will be posting my new blog soon.

  3. Very cool. I might even try it. Thanks, S. Love

  4. Hi Judy,
    As always, I'm impressed with your
    creativeness! What a great idea to
    share your "tweaks" with other knitters on a blog. GREAT JOB, friend!
    Cathy R.